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Summary: Our first weeks at the LVR

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On behalf of all the apprentices, who started on 1 August 2019 at the LVR, I can tell nothing but positive things about our first weeks here.

Our apprenticeship started with four very informative orientation days, during which we got to know each other and learned very much about the LVR and the course of our apprenticeship. Among other things, we watched presentations, conducted interviews with all the different departments, visited the LVR-Hospital in Mönchengladbach and stayed in a nice hostel for one night.

Subsequently we started our first practical training. We were allocated to the different departments and were immediately included. Generally, I can say that the reception at our new workplace was very affectionate and all our colleagues are really friendly and helpful. We work independently, therefore learn very fast and have very flexible working hours. Even our tasks were not too difficult at the beginning so we did not feel overwhelmed. Some of us were even taken along on business trips or were present in appointments. Therefore, we were involved right from the beginning and felt very welcome. It was also nice that many of us got a tour of the building and were introduced to the whole department. We also liked the two-day IT-workshop and could integrate our new knowledge into work.

For the future, we would wish for even more work, because not everybody had consistently much work to do. Many trainers were on holidays because of the season. So some of us had to wait for them to come back to begin with the actual tasks. We also did not want to leave early on our first days working.

We also would very much appreciate more workshops, because they are very helpful and facilitate the introductory training. As you can see, we are a very motivated group.

In conclusion, I can say that we all had a very positive start in our apprenticeship and we are looking forward to have a nice future at LVR.