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MiQua. LVR-Jewish Museum in the Archaeological Quarter Cologne

Underground tour and temporary exhibitions

Eine Ansicht des geplanten Museumsbaus mit graubrauen Steinplatten und einem gläsernen Eingangsbereich
Bild Großansicht
New Museum concept (c) Wandel Lorch Architekten

The LVR Museum MiQua. LVR-Jewish Museum in the Archaeological Quarter Cologne will be situated both on top of and beneath the Rathausplatz in Cologne. The permanent exhibition under the town hall square begins, in chronological terms, with a 600-metre tour into which are integrated several display areas. Included at this level are some of the most important archaeological finds which tell the story of Cologne and the Rhineland: the Roman Praetorium, the medieval Jewish quarter and the goldsmiths' quarter. The permanent exhibition continues inside the newly constructed edifice on the square, with a section on Jewish history and culture in Cologne from 1424 to the present day. Temporary exhibitions will present further aspects of the 2000-year history of the site.

A partnership project by LVR and Stadt Köln

Menschen schauen sich eine unterirdische Ausgrabung mit alten Mauern aus der Römerzeit an.
Bild Großansicht
Praetorium (c) Stefan Arendt / LVR-ZMB

The museum project MiQua. LVR-Jewish Museum in the Archaeological Quarter Cologne has arisen out of close cooperation between Stadt Köln and the Rhineland Regional Association (Landschaftsverband Rheinland, or LVR). Stadt Köln is the building contractor and will be responsible for the future upkeep of the building and the underlying field monument. On completion of the project, LVR will assume responsibility for running the museum as an independent LVR department. The MiQua administrative department is in charge of the exhibition concept.

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